Meteor 4G “Danger Zone” Commercial 2013

Meteor 4G “Danger Zone” Commercial 2013 2017-12-04T12:42:40+00:00

Project Description

Whilst working at Piranhabar over in Dublin, I was responsible for a large majority of the 3d elements. I started out by making the pre-vis for the shoot, then when we got the final plates, I created most if not all of the Horse leg replacements, I also modelled, textured and rendered the horse dock, I did the beard shot, the boots splitting, the close ups of the hoof thrusters,  I also built textured and lit the wings. as well as other things along the way.
between us, we had 2 weeks of getting the shot footage, till the time of completion.
It was a hard slog but it was a fun one, I hope you enjoy the cheese factor in this commercial:)

Here are some of the tests I did for the Boots splitting.


Here are some tests for the beard shot :


Here is a simple comparison of before Post production and after ::